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About this section of DINRAC website

One of seven priority NOWPAP projects has been identified as NOWPAP/1: “Establishment of comprehensive database and information management”. DINRAC is responsible for NOWPAP/1 implementation and serves as a NOWPAP Clearing-House, providing information about all NOWPAP-related activities and eventually information about the state of marine environment in the NOWPAP region. Thematic static-type DINRAC website was developed and maintained by DINRAC as the first action on the establishment of Regional Internet Communication System (RICS) between DINRAC and NOWPAP member countries. Presently there are 6 categories covering background, different documents and publications, activity reports, databases and available marine environmental resources. DINRAC Website is envisioned as a primary source of environmental data and information for the NOWPAP region and also as a “switchboard” to provide links to resources available in NOWPAP member countries.

Important the new stage of the RICS development is compilation of inventory information and provision of DINRAC services through the decentralized internet communication network. The advanced system is to serve as exchange platform in manner of dynamic-type site or web portal integrating available information resources (IR) distributed within the NOWPAP area into unified space and linking to websites/pages of member countries and RACs. It is supposed to provide modes of on-line creation of new IR description, search data, information and products by countries, different categories and parameters that supporting data dissemination, exchange and decisions-making process among the countries.

Proposals for establishment of the RICS between DINRAC and NOWPAP member countries were developed and adopted by the 5th DINRAC FPs meeting in May of 2006. The overall objective of this activity is to provide data and information on coastal and marine environment through national/regional websites/webpages by using DINRAC portal according to national laws and regulations of member countries.

Following tasks discussed by the 5th NOWPAP/DINRAC FP Meeting have been recognized:

    1. Selection/collection of marine, ecological and marine environment quality related information on NOWPAP area in each member country which is scattered among various sources (data bases, archives, reports, books, papers, atlases, websites) existing in different languages and hence, limited for wide use.
    2. Overview and summarizing of the data and information and its translation into English. Development of data and information on-line products by synthesis of information from various data sources for distribution through the internet.
    3. Development of national/institutional thematic English-language websites/webpages which contain catalogues, fragments of data bases, descriptive/supporting information and reviews, figures/maps, tables, models, links, references and other resources.
    4. Creation of decentralized/distributed components of the system with their integration to DINRAC portal serving as a core system.

The portal establishes links to new available national IR of the region sorted by the Countries, Main objects/categories, Main sources of contaminants, Marine environment quality indicators and Main Marine pollution characteristics as follow:

Main objects/categories Main sources of contaminants Marine environment quality indicators Main Marine pollution characteristics
Bottom sediments
Marine ecosystems
and organisms
Environmental protection
River input
Direct input
Hydrochemical parameters
Ecosystem status indicators
Chlororganic compounds
Heavy metals
Oil and petroleum
Phenols, etc

It provides the tools for submission of new IR descriptions or it modifies already existing links in the on-line mode by use of standard form of data catalogue: What, Where, When, Who, URL.

This portal is a central source for substantive information resources regarding all RACs activity searchable by Meetings, Meetings Reports, National Reports, Publications, Specific Projects, Data/Metadata Bases, Information Systems, Documents, Links of RACs.

Primary marine environmental IR is not stored in the catalogue. Only IR descriptions is stored.

The portal is a tool for management of the information resources allowing users to get access to various information stored in various formats (html, xml, ftp, databases), in different organizations and to use it for scientific researches and decision-making. The portal integrates information resources and represents this information to the user in a clear and logical form, and is intended for the maintenance of interaction with all applications in uniform information space.

The portal includes supervision’s and user’s services. Supervision’s service (administrative, registration, statistics of a portal) gives means for loading of information resources descriptions, restriction of access, and gathering of statistics of use of information resources of the portal, loading of metadata, etc. These services allow creating the specialized pages for users with necessary profiles of resources.

The user’s services (search of data, products, news through IR inventory) give an opportunity of dynamic search by categories (left column of the Main page) and to make requests to other data, metadata and information that available in RACs (right column of the Main page). Search is realized in two stages. At the first stage search of required IR, their description and URL is carried out. At the second stage access to distributed IR through chosen URL and provision of the information is fulfilled.

At the first stage (2006-2007) elementary interface and links to the Member countries/FPs organizations, subjects and kinds of resources should be developed at the DINRAC portal. By results of these studies, an opportunity of higher level system creation for the integration and monitoring of the distributed resources/databases by organizations, subjects and kinds of resources should be considered at the second stage.


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